Architect and Interior Designer in Ahmedabad

Interior: Concrete Muse,Ahmedabad
Interior : Concrete muse, Ahmedabad

Architecture part was designed with interior sense from beginning of the design development. Ground floor auditorium has a capacity of 700+ people, the upper surfaces of the area has been designed to incorporate acoustic panel with light sources.

The upper floor auditorium with levelled seating has curvature formation. Other rooms including cafeteria and training rooms are designed to maximise the room space with installed utilities which are ready to use.

The furniture part has been designed to take care utmost utility of the institute with no maintenance in coming years. Whole premise equipped with channel music, auditoriums are equipped with very high quality audio & video systems. Furniture is teak based contemporary style with matt finish. The premise has been designed serve many purposes of institute. The interior has been developed to match the pulse of institute without losing the instinct.


Site, Climate, Form & Massing: (Orientation, climate and form consideration)

The building grid has been oriented such a way that it catches minimum of direct sun to most of his building envelope.

Passive Design: (passive techniques used for lower enrgy consumption or heat gain)

The southern r.c.c cavity wall which has been detached from the main structure protects the building from the solar heat gain, Result to that it cools the inside temperature, Rest the building envelop has cavity and “C” wall construction which defends the solar heat gain


Within the building the dust accumulation and heat wave reduction were the two major points on which the design oriented, The louver system with puncture in R.C.C façade are helping to fulfil those criteria

Performance in Use

The checking for the performance has been done in the pic summer time. The temperature difference between inside and outside has been noticeable. The rate of transfer of air is as per the designed criteria.



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