Sustainable & Eco-friendly Architecture


Landscape : Concrete muse, Ahmedabad

Sustainable world is based on the well planned landscape design, execution and maintenance. When architectural design are getting it’s shape landscape gets equal importance in that process.

The connection between two designing field derives the final mode of architecture in major projects.Horticulturist, various field experts, vendors get associated for a common goal in the project.

Densely populated site with weeds and “Neel-gay” in the outskirts of Ahmedabad. It’s a weekend house with full utility for family fun. The design has been oriented to keep the low maintenance landscape with no invasion with existing plants & trees. The landscape designing consists place for hammock, family sit-out, parking with natural shade, tree island, and utility.

Plant selection has been done to shelter the main land and to address the security aspects. Elephant grass has been planted at the bottleneck of the natural rain water run-off. Floral belt and leafy plants has been planted across the main dwelling unit. The parking has been done with grass natural stone pavers.



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