Institutional Architecture in Ahmedabad | VH Designs Studio


PROJECTS  An International School campus with Sports facility
 An International school design with multiple facility. The project was initialised with concept to have sports facility.It’s a  big complex with accomodation facility for 320 students along with the staff accomodation. An International stnadard Swimming pool has been designed to have any international level competition.
VH Designs Studio Ahmedabad, weave the institutional architecture around client’s specific utility and needs. VH Designs Studio has been engaged in many institutional projects and successfully delivered a perfectly matched architectural solution to clients. Institutional Architecture has varied languages to serve but the Organization and it’s functions are very significant to define the language of the architecture.
Institutional architecture is related to specific organization or establishments. The Institutional architecture addresses exact needs of individual organization and creates the architectural environment in such a way that it satisfy their program. At the core of good governance and institutional architecture is a clear understanding of the objectives driving by An Institute.

 Site, Climate, Form & Massing: (Orientation, climate and form consideration)

 The building grid has been oriented such a way that it catches minimum of direct sun to most of his  building envelope.

Passive Design: (passive techniques used for lower energy consumption or heat gain)

The southern walls have been made with cavity and extramassing to get the shadow effect on wall.



The central courtyard has been design to give that extra comfort to all inhabitants.



Surya Varsani Academy, Bhuj.




Conceptualisation, design development & synthesis (master planning architecture, interior, landscape)


3500 smt.




work in progress


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