Unique and Luxurious Residential Architecture Project


The Vh Designs Studio has become one of our most iconic projects to date with various awards and publications on its record.We are very pleased to see that the VhDS has now found its self a permanent listing on Architectural.

VHDS is the most visited architecture site and features the best projects, images and content for Architects, designers and all related fields.

The VhDS Working with Residential Architecture – Shaunak Bhai Vyas Project

In the edges of Ahmedabad and in tranquil area customer needed to take care of business a one of a kind home for them. We have conceptualized, The cutting edge period’s crossover structure, It’s blend of Exposed concrete, Exposed block, Rammed earth, Gabion divider with nearby accessible stone, Stone cladding and Brick imprison and so forth. The arranging has been done to limit the warmth pick up from divider and also patio with the assistance of porch garden. The pit dividers shield the home from limit of atmosphere and focal patio makes cooler spaces with informative spaces.

The scene has been configuration to have private space for family with Jacuzzi bath and different offices. The passage anteroom to the plot has been configuration to have most extreme shadow on development spaces.

About More Architectural Projects Details

We trust that a compositional impacts our life, movement and thought awesome way. Engineering characterizes the way of life and advancement of the civilization, The Architectural example and routine with regards to specific area characterizes the economical considering specific segment of society.

There are couple of essentials which we follow in engineering, One of them is Sustainability. We think and outline the structure keeping the essentials in focus. While planning we additionally accentuation in making the structure Monumental too. We plan the building such a path, to the point that the execution of the working as far as utilitarian and ecological viewpoints ought not be bargained. The social setting of the building engineering is one of the basic.

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