Residential Interior Designer In Ahmedabad


The Vh Designs Studio has become one of our most iconic projects to date with various awards and publications on its record.We are very pleased to see that the VHDS has now found its self a permanent listing on Architectural.

How to work with Residential Interior Designer By VH Designs Studio

In the present time the quality of construction and timely completion of project is being challenged due to less availability of skilled labour, overall cost & overheads to the project. Client wanted to have 2 BHK outhouses in premium category in the outskirts of Surat. The design process took it’s own time to get the best for Prefab. The total time for erection of structure including interior is 15 days. The whole unit gets complete in 15 days with all interior and light fit-outs in complete form.

If you are looking for a Residential Interior Designer Work… Contact VH Designs Studio (Mr. Pankaj Gandhi) +91 9898011642 OR Visit: OR email us on

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