Bungalow Interior Designer | VH Designs Studio


Architecture lies in interior spaces, the flawless connections of the spaces of interior and exterior is important. We design the project considering the Architecture, Interior and landscape as one entity.

Interior designing and decoration are two major component merged together to get the optimum result in the project. Art works and material selection play very important role in process of designing. Various field experts, vendors, artisans, designers get associated for common goal in the project.

How to work with Bungalow Interior Designer By VH Designs Studio

The site is located in the hard-core commercial/ residential place in ahmedabad with the pathetic condition of the apartment. Smallest space and complex structure were to convert in to decent utility focused office.

Very busy lawyer client with need of reception area, waiting lounge, consulting room , kitchen/pantry, big library, rest room and utility these all has been incorporated in the cosy designed office. The concept and the elements has been kept the match the spaces. Contemporary style with communicative spaces makes the environment much livelier.


If you are looking for a Bungalow Interior Design  Work… Contact VH Designs Studio (Mr. Pankaj Gandhi) +91 9898011642 OR Visit: www.vhdesignsstudio.co OR email us on info@vhdesignsstudio.com

For online Inquiry: http://bit.ly/2oTejLU


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