Institutional Architects Movement by Pankaj Gandhi (VH Designs Studio)



Institutional designs are always experiential so as to integrate functionality with sustainability, be it Recreational Institutes,College Campuses, Schools, Hospitals Institutions or Convention Centers. Our master plans uniquely integrate the site landscape and student life, making us one of the top architecture firms in
Ahmedabad,Vadodara, Surat and many more cities in India.

How to work with institutional architects By VH Designs Studio?

Institutional architecture is identified with particular association  or foundations. The Institutional design addresses correct requirements of individual association and makes the structural  condition such that it fulfill their program. At the center of good
administration and institutional design is an unmistakable
comprehension of the targets driving by an Institute.

VH Designs Studio Ahmedabad, weave the institutional architecture  around client’s specific utility and needs. VH Designs Studio has been engaged in many institutional projects and successfully delivered a perfectly matched architectural solution to clients.
Institutional Architecture has varied languages to serve but the Organization and it’s functions are very significant to define the language of the architecture.

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Institutional Architecture in Ahmedabad | VH Designs Studio


PROJECTS  An International School campus with Sports facility
 An International school design with multiple facility. The project was initialised with concept to have sports facility.It’s a  big complex with accomodation facility for 320 students along with the staff accomodation. An International stnadard Swimming pool has been designed to have any international level competition.
VH Designs Studio Ahmedabad, weave the institutional architecture around client’s specific utility and needs. VH Designs Studio has been engaged in many institutional projects and successfully delivered a perfectly matched architectural solution to clients. Institutional Architecture has varied languages to serve but the Organization and it’s functions are very significant to define the language of the architecture.
Institutional architecture is related to specific organization or establishments. The Institutional architecture addresses exact needs of individual organization and creates the architectural environment in such a way that it satisfy their program. At the core of good governance and institutional architecture is a clear understanding of the objectives driving by An Institute.

 Site, Climate, Form & Massing: (Orientation, climate and form consideration)

 The building grid has been oriented such a way that it catches minimum of direct sun to most of his  building envelope.

Passive Design: (passive techniques used for lower energy consumption or heat gain)

The southern walls have been made with cavity and extramassing to get the shadow effect on wall.



The central courtyard has been design to give that extra comfort to all inhabitants.



Surya Varsani Academy, Bhuj.




Conceptualisation, design development & synthesis (master planning architecture, interior, landscape)


3500 smt.




work in progress

Vernacular Architecture in Ahmedabad


Pankaj Gandhi was one of the few architects of modern times with an intrinsic understanding of the underlying principles of vernacular architecture. He had been a pioneer in marrying Western design tradition with local needs and lifestyles, allowing design to align beautifully with climate, landscape, and culture, that the boundaries between building and landscape seem to fade away.

The way of sustainable living is Vernacular architecture that is based on local needs, availability of construction materials and reflecting local traditions At VH designs Studio, We try to blend technology with Vernacular Architecture with give the best possible solution for the present days needs of client. The Vernacular architecture the informal, functional architecture, often in rural areas of India, built of local materials and designed to meet the needs of the local people.

The Architecture in it’s core sense, It’s all about building dwellings / public structures which supports the local economy by having all local involvements weather it’s material or people. Vernacular Architecture has been the way of living in rural India.


Sustainable & Eco-friendly Architecture


Landscape : Concrete muse, Ahmedabad

Sustainable world is based on the well planned landscape design, execution and maintenance. When architectural design are getting it’s shape landscape gets equal importance in that process.

The connection between two designing field derives the final mode of architecture in major projects.Horticulturist, various field experts, vendors get associated for a common goal in the project.

Densely populated site with weeds and “Neel-gay” in the outskirts of Ahmedabad. It’s a weekend house with full utility for family fun. The design has been oriented to keep the low maintenance landscape with no invasion with existing plants & trees. The landscape designing consists place for hammock, family sit-out, parking with natural shade, tree island, and utility.

Plant selection has been done to shelter the main land and to address the security aspects. Elephant grass has been planted at the bottleneck of the natural rain water run-off. Floral belt and leafy plants has been planted across the main dwelling unit. The parking has been done with grass natural stone pavers.


Top Architects in Ahmedabad

Interior: Traditional Conflorescence, Ahmedabad
Interior : Traditional conflorescence, Ahmedabad

Pankaj Gandhi Architect and Interior Designer in Ahmedabad, VH designs studio is a multi-disciplinary Architecture & Interior design firm in ahmedabad, India.

An interior for Shah family. Design team have tried to get the glamour with lowest possible expenditure on the project. The reshuffling of the spaces were major time consuming process. A neat out look with very tidy & minimum elements speaks the language of the interior.



Snehal & Ketu Shah, Ahmedabad.




Conceptualisation, design development & synthesis (interior)

Area: 130 Sqmt.

Location: Ahmedabad

Cost: 25 Lacs

Status: Completed

Urban planning & Solutions

Urban Solutions
Urban Solutions

We started working on the project for the Micro level urban problems, It’s working like clear up the messed up things in the Urban planning at Micro & Macro level, The designed cities have got numerous problems in the fast changing era,with the latest technologies and principal based solution we would serve the community in with long term solutions. We find out the sustainable solutions for the challenges, The motto of solution is have the stress free urban life in connection with nature.


Event architecture

Exhibition Architecture Sanhi Gandhinagar
Exhibition Architecture Sanghi Gandhinagar

Temporary architecture is one of the most creative and challenging form in itself. In the present time studio engaged in many projects of the temporary architecture. We work

on the combined spaces of Interior, architectural and landscape to come to a conclusive design for the event architecture. The material exploration and research for the micro engineering is vital for 100% efficacy of the design.

The shoppe has been designed to demonstrate the corporate identity and product portfolio. It is a Timeless interior with contemporary look. Very defined space for corporate presentations has been incorporated. Technical detail desk and Business tables are incorporated as the basic need of the concept.